We all want to have some fun and be a little naughty in our teenage years; sexting is a part of that. A lot of teenagers and youngsters are into sharing text messages and pictures with their friends or sexting friends. Some make sexting buddies on sexting site that they have access too; the sexting sites are a good platform for those who just want friends with benefits without any commitments. With such sextingFriends, people exchange the most intimate details and share the most sexually explicit photographs through phones, laptops, computer or any other device with internet access.

Sometimes people find sexting buddy in their workplace, college or class but the most important thing to look for in a sexting friend is whether you have a connection with them; the vibe is what is important.

Things to look for in a sexting buddy

  • Find somebody with a great imagination; a person with good imagination skills would only be able to talk sexy and sexual with you.
  • Do not go for the looks; even a calm and composed person can be good at sexting and a fun loving person can be quite boring.
  • Check if the person is minor or not; if yes then never sext with a minor because it is illegal.
  • A good sexting buddy is someone who has a great sense of humor; and a person with a good sense of humor would only be able to take things in a light manner.
  • Another important thing to look for is the trust factor; see whether you can trust the person with your intimate details or not. If the person is not trustworthy then there is no point of sexting with that person.

Sexting friend is great friends who entertain you whether you are single and hopeless or committed.

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